Episode 183: Birthdays and Wedding Bells

Martin hits the road for yet another California road trip. He talks to his mom about attending the wrong funeral and he talks to his brother, Greg, about their new podcast-in-progress. Martin also enjoys a lovely chat with his nephew, Nathaniel, and his fiancé, Mayra, just a few hours after he proposed. 


Episode 181: Ryan Edwards

World-renowned magician and mentalist Ryan Edwards is Martin's guest. Ryan talks about performing magic, consulting on TV shows, and designing his very successful line of products for the magic industry.


Episode 174: Las Vegas Shooting

Las Vegas native, Gary Lopez, sits down with Martin to talk about the tragic shooting that happened on the Las Vegas Strip. Gary shares his firsthand accounts from the Strip as he did his best to help injured victims. 

Gary (OFFICIAL).jpg

Episode 168: Motorcycle Mischief

Gary Lopez is back with yet another crazy story involving his newly acquired motorcycle. This particular story involves Gary making the absolute wrong decision after a cop gets involved. 

Gary (OFFICIAL).jpg

Episode 167: Justine Gorny

Martin hangs out with his hilarious friend, Justine Gorny. Justine talks about growing up in Las Vegas, obsessing over lesbian films, and her lifelong love of stand-up comedy. 

Episode 166: New Book Update

Martin squeezes in some time for a quick update on his forthcoming short story collection Dolph the Unicorn Killer and Other Stories. He also talks about the genesis of the book and the personal significance of it in his writing journey.

Episode 165: Rewind (A Block of Words)

Take a ride on the Way-Back Machine, all the way back to April 7, 2014, for Episode 10 as Martin walks the audio tightrope by recording solo. He talks about his writing process, Joss Whedon, and why you shouldn't text and drive.